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Norwegian DJ, Kygo, announced his joining BitClout via a March 26th Twitter post.  The artist who set the record for the fastest to 1B streams on Spotify in 2015 can be found now on BitClout where he hasn’t found quite as much viral success.  Like most major artists, Kygo joined the platform but left the account domant since verification.  But that still hasn’t preventing major trading on the $KYGOMUSIC coin.


Kygo’s creator coin was trading at around $5000 prior to verification before jumping above $6500 and climbing another $1k where it has since seen a slow but steady decline.  If you happened to jump on the coin in the two hours between Tweet and verification it could have been a great short-term hold.  Still, it appears most folks are holding on for long-term gains as the post-verification drop was certainly not as significant as most.

The most significant trade happened May 8th with @craig dropping over $100k of the coin.  There is no buy transaction showing Craig buying into Kygo in the blockchain, which means he may have transferred it from another account of his or someone transferred a sizable amount of the coin to him.  If anyone has the time to dig into this further we will most certainly send diamonds their direction.

Beware of the account “kygo” on bitclout, you’re looking for “kygomusic”… them crooked vultures!

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