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This week’s NFT features Visionary Artist Glass Crane and his recent NiftyGateway series, “Temenos”. Collaborating with electronic musical pioneers TRUTH and Koan Sound, GlassCrane continues to set the bar for excellence in the NFT space. “Medusa’s Light” with Koan Sound has already sold for $2,800.00 USD but the TRUTH “Acceptance” NFT still has some editions available. With this kind of rare unlockable content, though, we doubt they’ll be around for much longer.

“Acceptance” with TRUTH 

(3 of 10 remaining)  $1,499

NFT Link:

Collectors who own “Acceptance” will be entitled to receiving the following benefits:

  • A signed copy of “Acceptance” Vinyl
  • The full Deep, Dark & Dangerous discography (downloadable)
  • Five years of access to TRUTH events worldwide (festivals subject to availability) from 2021 July 6 ~ 2026 July 5

See the entire “Temenos” collection here:

Listen to the “Acceptance” Album by TRUTH on Deep Dark & Dangerous:

From Nifty Gateway: “Psychedelic Surrealist. Forever a student of art and life. Glass Crane uses a variety of digital mediums to craft visually arresting and otherworldly realms. With his utmost artistic values placed on transparency, peace, and love for man-kind, Glass Crane ushers forward a sense of wonder and exploration of inner-space as well as an altered sense of reality.”

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