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Release a digital currency to incentivize your fanbase and add a new dimension to your relationship

Sell a percentage of streaming revenue for a track or album to your fans through legally-binding NFTs

Release new tracks or entire albums as NFTs and allow fans to claim ownership without losing any rights

Add your catalog to a web3 streaming service to earn more per stream and drive fan engagement


Help artists successfully utilize web3 tools to provide transparent value and incentivize a deeper engagement with their fanbase

WHO | AudioNode is a team of web3 enthusiasts who believe the industry will be forever changed by blockchain technology.  We are a group of researchers, developers, artists, fans, and music industry experts, who are dedicated to analyzing existing web3 tech and building new tools from the ground up.

WHAT | We provide free consultations aimed at analyzing a musician’s current digital footprint and building a web3 digital strategy to achieve both fundraising and community-building goals.  We have the pulse on this rapidly changing industry to ensure artists are using the best platforms to maximize reach while minimizing risks.

HOW | Our services are free thanks to a community of members who provide research and development in the music digital asset space.  Active participation in building our services stronger is the best way to join our core team.  AudioNode is funded by the core team’s work in the development and launch of new tools and platforms.

Any successful digital campaign requires an impactful marketing strategy.  Our team/community has decades of experience in digital marketing within the music industry, taking the burden off yourself or your current management who may not be as well equipped to handle this new digital space.

AudioNode builds messaging to clearly communicate these new products to non-crypto saavy fans.  We believe in clarity + transparency while explaining the perks as well as the risks.

AudioNode often works in conjunction with any existing marketing and management teams as Web3 specialists.  We understand the value of experience when communicating with your fanbase, and the importance of maintaining consistent messaging and voice.

AudioNode has the technical team to build fully customized NFTs, Social Tokens, and other decentralized digital assets that drive utility with a mutually beneficial incentive structure. 

Our team is able to integrate NFT sales, wallet connection, or Debit/Credit purchases, directly into an artist’s URL or subdomain.  This allows fans who may not be comfortable with using crypto or existing marketplaces to use a website and payment system they already trust.  We build with the mission of universal onboarding.

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Jonathan Savage

Industry Guru

Jonathan produced music events throughout Southern California and Mexico for nearly 15 years before co-founding a VC-backed startup and helping raise nearly $10M in under 12 months. Music-obsessed since six, Savage picked up the bass guitar at fourteen and performed across the US, Mexico, Japan and Brazil while wearing the hats of band manager, booking agent, and marketing director. While retired from the stage, his project continues to grow and perform nearly 100 shows a year. Savage began working in the crypto space building CreatorCoin & NFT tech in late 2020 and naturally began helping musicians he had worked with over the years before referrals stacked up and warranted launching AudioNode in early 2021. With experience from all sides of the music industry, team-building experience from the start-up world, Savage now has the tools and the team to bridge the gap into a new world of digital revenue for music creators.

Gordon Weiss

Industry Guru

As a veteran electronic events producer in SF, Gordon has long stood at the intersection of music and tech. Working in a fast changing genre in one of the fastest moving markets has prepared him well for riding the wave of web3. As the co-founder of Machine Halo and VP of Strategic Partnerships, Gordon is an orchestrator who architects deep relationships across Technology, Media, Entertainment.

Matt Albrecht

Industry Guru

Matt has spent nearly twenty years in the music industry working his way up from managing a small venue on the beaches of San Diego to one of the top venues on the West Coast - the Warfield in the tenderloin of SF. Along the way he spent years working within the greater Austin music scene before becoming President of BaseFest. Matt is now the GM of the Warfield, within the Goldenvoice network, and spends his days immersed in the latest movements of the industry. Matt surprised us all by releasing a debut album while in quarantine in his apartment down the road from the venue in SF. Casius and the Moon can be found on all streaming services with more tracks to be released and tour dates soon to be announced.
Matt provides AudioNode with an accurate and up-to-date pulse on everything happening within the music world as we wait for crypto to consume the industry (in a good way).

Eric Ward


Eric has spent the last decade immersed in mastering content creation on both video and audio platforms. Working with a team to win contracts at major music festivals such as KAABOO, Life Is Beautiful and others, Eric's passion for capturing the essenance of an experience is what sets him apart from the many. Now as Creative Director for NFX, a VC firm in the Bay Area, Eric has had a deep dive in the technical side of explaining complex digital companies through the art of animation. As a music creator himself, launching his project "WARD" in 2022, he is the perfect candidate to lead creative at AudioNode.

Alfredo Gago


Alfredo is co-founder of 5e Creative Labs, a web & software development agency in San José, Costa Rica. Gago has also been CTO at eTax since 2015, a VAT compliance and invoicing SaaS. Throughout his time developing, he's lead engineering teams and built software for multiple other startups. Alfredo has been a crypto enthusiast since 2016.

Esteban Soler


Esteban Soler is a UX /UI Designer and co-founder of 5e Creative Labs, a web and software agency based in San José, Costa Rica. Serving as Creative Director since 2015. He's also a gear junkie, songwriter and lead guitarist for KiloWatt, a local Rock & Roll band.


NFT Expert

Thor is an NFT collector and technology enthusiast with his finger on the pulse of the rapidly moving NFT space. Thor acts as a Z-cash advisory board member, is Clubhouse influencer in the crypto space, and was born on the road with Stevie Ray Vaughan. With deep connections in the NYC hip hop scene, Thor is the perfect symbol of the type of talent that is attracted to the AudioNode DAO and thus an effective force of good within the community.


NFT Expert

Murkury is a Nationally touring DJ in the underground electronic scene and a top NFT creator and curator on the DeSo NFT marketplace. Murkury has an inherent ability to dive deep into a new technology, community, and spin off digital assets that have transparent value and collect-ability. Murkury has been an ambassador

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AudioNode is seeking all web3 music enthusiasts to join our agency and movement. Participation in our community is educational and profitable - learn and discuss the latest web3 music tools while sharing in a cut of AudioNode's agency revenue!

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