Social tokens facilitate building a currency between artists and their fans.  The currency is unique to the artist, which allows it to independently fluctuate in value based on demand and how the artist chooses to utilize the currency.  Social tokens can be used to enable incentive structures or build gating for access to digital or physical events (eg, a private zoom with the top 10 holders of an artist’s social token).  The options for utility and incentives are endless and depend on the artists’ goals and the economic framework of the token itself.

There are a number of platforms that exist to simplify the process of launching a token, but these can also be restrictive and increase token volatility due to cross-platform speculation.  Social tokens are freely traded, which means as an artist and their community grow, the token can grow in value as demand increases.  Because tokens are freely traded, they can also be purchased by traders looking to speculate on the future price.  For some fans, price volatility from speculation could be a drawback to ownership, but for others, this could be seen as an economic incentive.

For artists with larger audiences, who don’t need a platform to assist with digital reach, we recommend building a custom token.  Make sure to read all the pros and cons before attempting to launch your own token!


A token can be built to provide nearly any utility, but typically are used for community building.  The first step in launching an artist token is to determine what goals you have for the holders of the token.  What behaviors do you want to incentivize within your fanbase?  How important is liquidity for your holders?

Mapping these will likely determine which existing platform fits best, or if a custom token is the only way to accomplish your goals.

We highly recommend contacting an AudioNode team member to help map these goals and pick the platform that’s right for you.  Social tokens minted on most existing platforms are subject to the volatility of the platform’s base currency.

Distributing pre-mine is a critical step for most musical groups.  This is the act of distributing your token to other members in the group, your existing team, or even friends and families prior to the token being actively traded (and more expensive).  This process can also be a great way to market the launch of your token by running a contest to your fans for some free tokens.  When choosing a customized social token (or with some platforms) it is also possible to never release your token on an open exchange and have it just serve as a community utility with no direct financial value.  Making that decision will be critical and usually takes place during our goals mapping session.  Releasing a custom social token with direct financial value could also violate financial laws in your country, a topic which also needs serious consideration.

Some platforms make distribution of pre-mine more difficult than others, so we highly suggest you consult with a member from AudioNode prior to launching a token.  Failure to do so is likely irreversible and could cause some uncomfortable conversations with your inner circle, or require you to purchase those tokens on the open market and eat what could be a sizable financial loss.

We highly recommend contacting an AudioNode team member prior to launching a social token.

A token can be launched on many different protocols via custom coding (Ethereum, Solana, etc) or can be launched on social token (aka creator coin) platform with no coding required.  A custom token can be listed on widely used exchanges while a token launched within a platform require users (fans) to join the platform in order to trade the artists’ token.

Some platforms require internal pre-approval prior to token launch (RLY) and some are as simple as creating an instagram account (DESO).  Each platform draws different types of users and it is possible to manipulate most platforms into making it work for your utility needs.

We highly recommend contacting a team member at AudioNode prior to launching a token.

Building a social token requires maintaining and modifying incentives to ensure they continue to match the needs and desires of your fanbase community.

Most platform-based social tokens require regular maintenance to ensure you are continually adding value for coin holders.  The platforms themselves are also changing rapidly and require routine oversight by artists or their management.

An additional advantage of a custom token is the allowance to build an incentive structure and reputation score to allow the community to self-delegate and self-build.  This is true web3 technology at work, while we would consider most social token platforms web2.5 products.


Most communities will expect some level of re-investment of the profits generated by the majority token holder (you, the artist).  The big community-building function of a social tokens is the notion that the larger and more active a community becomes the more everyone profits from partaking in the activity.

As the majority token holder, adding profits back into the community helps perpetuate the flywheel of activity and community growth.  This doesn’t require out of pocket money, but instead a smart tokenomics plan to ensure some of the profits you are earning are being recycled into the community to aid in growth.


—– RALLY —–

  • There are no fake social tokens on Rally due to the manual onboarding process and tight KYC requirements

  • Rally has a very lucrative rewards program, further incentivizing your community and providing artists with profits above what the token itself is generating

  • Rally was built to mimic Patreon so the format will be familiar to most non-crypto users

  • Rally allows artists to set a fee for token sales, allowing artists to profit from traders solely interested in speculative trading

  • Rally only launches a few social tokens each week, meaning you must get approval from their team to launch on their platform

  • Social tokens on Rally experience compounded risk via the success of the base protocol and the platform (risks include security flaws, market movements, etc)

  • The generous rewards program may lead to base currency inflation, impacting the least active accounts

  • Rally’s NFT marketplace experiences very low trade volume and few active users.  Rally has also yet to integrate into large marketplaces like Opensea and Magic Eden

—– DESO—–

  • DeSo allows anyone to launch a social token

  • DeSo was built to mimic Twitter, so the format will be familiar to most non-crypto users

  • DeSo is a custom Layer 1 with very low gas fees

  • DeSo allows artists to set a fee for token purchases, allowing artists to profit from traders solely interested in speculative trading

  • The DeSo supply is capped so the asset should be deflationary

  • DeSo is fraught with fake accounts and scams due to zero KYC requirements

  • Social tokens on DeSo require purchasing the base currency $DeSo, tying your success to the overall success of the platform

  • $DeSo is a volatile currency due to extremely low market cap/daily trading volume and it isn’t tied to the trends of the major currencies

  • DeSo’s aggressive bonding curve and lack of token sales fees leads to a highly speculative (and volatile) marketplace

  • DeSo’s NFT marketplace experiences very low trade volume/few active users and is unlikely to cross-chain integrate into large marketplaces like Opensea and Magic Eden

—– CUSTOM —–

  • Anyone can launch a custom social token

  • The artist can choose any existing web2 space to build their community hub or have one custom built within the artist’s existing URL 

  • The artist can choose which protocol to launch their social token

  • Any utility and feature can be coded into the social token

  • The tokenomics can be fully defined by the artist

  • Custom tokens require expensive up-front development costs

  • The artist and/or community would be responsible for maintaining the social hub of the token (built on an existing web2 platform like Discord or custom built into the artists’ URL)

  • The token would not be as liquid as a token built on a bonding curve like Rally or DeSo unless liquidity pools were properly formed and funded


—– ROLL —–


—– POOLS —–

Contact an AudioNode team member prior to launching any social token!

Below you can view a curated list of artists launched on the DeSo (BitClout) platform.  AudioNode’s team developed this simple search tool and related artist coin price to Spotify followers through open APIs.  Due to the number of fake accounts on the platform, we developed a process to verify accounts.

You do not need to worry about fake accounts on Rally.io at this time as they have a heavily regulated onboarding policy.

Account Status Legend 

Verified = the artist has actively launched their coin

AN Verified = artists that AudioNode has assisted in launching their coins

Reserved (Clock) = the platform has launched the artists coin and the artist has yet to approve the launch

Unverified = the platform has not verified the account and it may be a fake